Life of a Good-For-Nothing

the legend of korra has too much hot ass villians for my taste

how am i supposed to chose a favorite??

Old as shit, but I still quite like it so I reupload it. It’s from July 2012 - wow, how quickly the time passed by…
Wonkhonk still ruleZz my crack ship top list, if I ever had a list of ships…

Hello, my name is Sal and i’m nineteen years old.

what a great view we were alone in this thing, which was the only good thing about that train obviously this train is from the sowjet era looks like a nice place to sleep huh? WROOOONG Transsiberian Salfie :o)

So this is the first photoset from my trip to Russia. It was one of the worst train experiences I made. Not that the train was super dirty, it was actually quite clean (except for the toilet), but we had to stay 5 FUCKING HOURS on the holding siding. I don’t know why, but it was like this and I couldn’t sleep, because my mom was away and it was so loud and everything pissed me off so much.

Eleven from Strayer in very odd colours… This is some trickster magical girl shit going on here. I said it wouldn’t look like Strayer, mostly bc I often add my own touch to designs, whoopsi~

Finished! I used Palette 78 and Pose 8D from this post. I have to practise fur and body hair more, if I want to draw more Satyr and Faun babes…

horns, goatee, curly hair - I’m clearly obsessed with satyrs…

I thought it’s cold and autumny outside and was soooo wrong. I had to change before going outside. But at least I tried to be fashionable.

Tbh I think so long as you don't call it a hijab you're fine, so many cultures have headscarves for religious and non-religious purposes, so I think it's totally ok. (On a side note, nothing's wrong with being Muslim! But if you're not I can understand trepidations about appropriating hijabs and stuff)

You know that, I know that, too, but there are some really stupid people out there and i think it’s not worth the stress.

What's wrong with being Muslim?


There is nothing wrong with being Muslim. I’m only worried that some people could mistake me for someone who is mocking on this religion, though I know quite well that not only Muslims wear headscarves.
Or they could mistake me for an actual Muslima and discriminate me, since there are many prejudice and promblems towards Muslims in Germany.
I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings and I don’t want to be discriminated against (more than usually).