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Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts


Siblings don’t have to look alike ♥

I made a shooting with my bestie today - prepare to get spammed with ~delicious~ pictures of us ;o)

Another Ootd! Today i’m going to wear my thrifted boots for the first time :o) (and they feel so gooooood…)

hey look, i’m cute!

my moon child outfit

I just ordered the fabric for my awesome Gideon Cosplay :o)

wer geht dieses jahr zu hanami?

und wer würde mich bei sich aufnehmen? :’o)

Some advice for everyone who likes leather jackets or would like to customize a leather jacket, but is on a budget:

  1. Go for pleather jackets: They are made out of plastic and without animal cruelty (it’s still not environment friendly, but it’s definitly better than murder). They are also cheaper than real leather jackets!
  2. Shop second hand to save some more money. This way you also don’t support the exploitation of workers in the third world.
  3. If you are ftm, cross-dresser or simply dislike how leather jackets for women fit on you, try some small men sizes or big child sizes. Mine, for example, are both for boys. They are longer and actually cover your belly button!
  4. Mind that pleather jackets aren’t made out of a material that is as durable and strong as leather. It won’t look so beautiful, if you try to make it destoryed and apocalyptic looking.

yoo guys i just spend 13 euros on like 5 pieces of clothing and a shit ton of old lovely books

should i do a post about it or video or whatever?

i’m definitly showing you, what i made out of the things uwu