Life of a Good-For-Nothing

sometimes i get really excited whe I see that someone reblogged a thing from me

only to notice that it was me that reblogged a thing i accidently reblogged on my main blog

that’s kinda sad

So I was looking for my first apartment today…

and there was this asshole, who has a job and a family and doesn’t even need the apartment so desperately, because he already lives in Dresden! He only wanted to be even NEARER to his fucking job than he was before.

This fucking asshole is already paying of a fucking HOUSE and now needs the tiniest, cheapest and cutest apartment, when he could pay for something more suitable for a grown up business man.

Fucking asshole.

I hope there is mold all over his place and he totally hates how tiny and cute it is.


I’m very cheap so far…

  • 3 EUR for a pair of pants
  • 3 EUR for an orange warning vest
  • 12,36 EUR for the wig

and about 53 EUR for the fabric… probably. Maybe I will find something cheaper tomorrow but I don’t really think so.

update: i found cheap fabric!! i only spent 21 Euros on it so far

I wanted to know if crop tops and high waisted pants suit me and then I found it makes me super feminine.

I just came home from my violin lesson and my teacher made a compliment about my outfit so I decided to show it to you.

look at this fucking dick