Life of a Good-For-Nothing

man i love goat people

great, now i’m searching names for my OC’s

i should do something productive again… and post something that shows how productive i am

but i am not

that is the problem

i’m bored…………………………


I’m very cheap so far…

  • 3 EUR for a pair of pants
  • 3 EUR for an orange warning vest
  • 12,36 EUR for the wig

and about 53 EUR for the fabric… probably. Maybe I will find something cheaper tomorrow but I don’t really think so.

update: i found cheap fabric!! i only spent 21 Euros on it so far

I wanted to know if crop tops and high waisted pants suit me and then I found it makes me super feminine.

I just came home from my violin lesson and my teacher made a compliment about my outfit so I decided to show it to you.