Life of a Good-For-Nothing

We just checked the photos from the Connichi and ahhh so much love for lea and janna aka negativpotato and nikkicopter

i hope i can upload the pics tomorrow uwu

tentacledeity said: I´m so sad we did not see you ;_;

Waaas, ihr wart auch da??? T°T Ich hab mich extra auch bei den Zeichner-Sachen umgeschaut….

Hi, i’m back from the Connichi and it was so awesome. I had so much fun and I hope to see all these precious people again.

I will post pics as soon as possible ;o*

(I cosplayed as Gruncle Stan)

Hey Guys

it’s me. I hope you didn’t forget me. I’m in Dresden and trying my best to stay positive.

My flat is dirty, because my hirer didn’t clean up. She put so many shit in it that she thought I could use, but it’s mostly trash.

My flat is furnished, but the problem is, that I can’t use half of it because it’s blocked by the glass door which belongs to my kitchen or by some crap she put in my room. And she gets angry, if I want to put the things out without her supervision (even if she allowed it earlier).
She seemed so nice in the beginning, but went terror mode on Monday. Yesterday she said Ai couldn’t sleep at my place, because she is “using the room”. The only thing she did was sewing in the afternoon, with her own sewing machine. She went home in the next morning with everything she brought with her. According to my hirer she was living there or something.

The basic point is that she limits my rights that are CONTROLLED BY LAW. It’s my right to have Ai in my flat for more than 6 weeks or even 3 months (the sources aren’t clear), but 2 nights don’t come close to that.

I will talk to her about this and if she isn’t understandable, I will have to quit the flat and move somewhere else as soon as possible.

Ah, and i don’t have internet so I won’t be very active the next weeks.

i always had the coolest hairstyles Bo)

hey kid, you wanna get high?

Ok, i made a Twitter: It’s @beetlejerk

how thrilling

ok last one bc my hair is in that prince charming mode again

only that it’s dark and i’m a pale nerd

bye beard, i’m tired and i can’t sleep with my make up on uwu

do you know this feeling when you don’t need your hair to look fancy anymore and it still looks too good to be destroyed forever?